Vintage Collection - Payday Girl

Vintage Collection - Payday Girl

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This particular sticker sheet is a throwback to 2016 and was originally hand drawn and colored on paper. 

This one always makes me think of my friend Kelsey that used to work with me. I'm not totally sure why... I guess just the timing of when I drew it, the little side ponytail, and the excitement. For anyone that remembers Kelsey, you'll remember her peppiness! I miss those days. (bittersweet tear drop...)

Plannermania started out way back in 2015! At first I made stickers from clipart purchased from other artists. Moving into 2016 I started to hand draw my own art on paper, color it in with copic markers, scan it into my computer, and then turn it into a sticker. In 2017 I started drawing all my own art digitally.