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Custom Vinyl Word

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Word Choice:

You can choose any word you want. (I reserve the right to reject any word that I view as obscene, and will refund your order if that's the case.) Leave me a note when you check out to let me know what word you want.


There are two sizes available, small and large. Measurements and font size will vary slightly depending on how many characters are in the word you choose.

1) Small - Will measure under 3 inches wide and is good for up to 9 characters.

2) Large - Will measure under 5 inches wide and is required for 10 or more characters. 


Choose your vinyl color from the drop down menu. Please look at the photos to know what the vinyl you are choosing will look like.


The vinyl I use is designed to be a permanent decal and can be on most indoor items (plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, wood). It is not dishwasher safe, but it can be hand washed if applied to something like a mug or water bottle.

1) Peel of the white backing sheet.

2) Place the vinyl with the clear sticker on top of it on to your item.

3) Gently rub the vinyl with the edge of a credit card (or something similar) on to whatever you are applying it to to ensure that the vinyl is well adhered.

4) Then peel off the clear sticker. Voila!