Maybe I'll Write Something...

Dierdre (The Legit Writer/Blogger)

Occasionally I'm a funny person. Or at least I think I am. And whether by a series of bad decision making on my part, or just random circumstance, funny things just keep happening to me!

For those of you who remember the Periscope days, you know a few of the defining moments of my life; the time I was inescapably riding down an escalator towards a most foul smelling puddle of human excrement, or my night lost in San Francisco's Tenderloin where I was quickly given the street name "New York" by a group of would be thieves (and possibly murderers), and of course, my many adventures in Winnipeg's West End hood come to mind.

I think we need to immortalize these experiences in written form. Don't you agree?

(I know I didn't need this many paragraphs, but I feel more accomplished by adding more space to the page. Looks legit, right? Also, did you notice that I used a semicolon in that last paragraph? That means I'm a real writer. Although I don't know if I used it properly. Which might mean I'm not a very good real writer, but still...) 

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